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by John Kilpatrick

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Clarinet & Saxophone & Brass Quartet music
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At present this page only contains transpositions for Bass Clarinet

Rachmaninov 2nd Symphony (in E minor) - Bass Clarinet Part

The score specifies a Bass Clarinet in A (which few players, if any, possess), written in Bass Clef Transposing (a system with which many clarinet players would be uncomfortable). This is a transcription of the bass clarinet part into Treble Clef Transposing, for playing on Bass Clarinet in Bb.

PDF     226KB; 16 pages, paged to print as A4 booklet (i.e. page 1 on front cover).
corrections made December 2013 - affects number of bars in 1st movement

Elgar Pomp and Circumstance No 1 - Bass Clarinet Part

Similarly, this is scored for the almost non-existent Bass Clarinet in A (though in treble clef). Here is a transposition for Bass Clarinet in Bb.

PDF     48KB; 2 pages of A4, to print side-by-side if possible (though a turnover could be managed with the right hand a few bars before the page break).

Romeo et Juliette 2nd Suit - Montaigus et Capulets

This one is scored for Bass Clarinet in Bb, but in bass clef (transposing). The PDF is a conversion to treble clef transposing.

PDF     21KB; 1 page A4

Arnold Bax Tintagel - Bass Clarinet Part

The score is written for Bass Clarinet in A. Here is a transposition for Bass Clarinet in Bb.

PDF     131KB; 3 pages A4