John Kilpatrick's Links Page

Sheffield Bach Choir - significant concerts in Sheffield with an interesting mix of works.

Sheffield Concert Band & Hallamshire Military Concert Band - two wind bands active in the Sheffield and North Derbyshire regions, in which I play trombone (previously bass clarinet).

Christ Church Cathedral School - where I was a chorister rather a long time ago. Click here for a good version of the Christ Church Crest.

Sonic Scores - the site for Overture and Scorewriter music notation software
Much of my music was written in Overture 4. Overture 5 is now available, and is highly rated, but for reasons impenetrable I now prefer MuseScore ... i

MuseScore - a free open-source music notation package with (among other things) many features that will appeal to setters of early music. Highly recommended.

Choral Domain Public Library - lots of free choral music on this site, and links to similar sites. An absolute life-saver for busy musicians who haven't the time to go hunting round shops and libraries - and free into the bargain.

IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library - of wide range of free classical music of all genres

Ellington Music - Michael Kilpatrick's authentic and newly researched Duke Ellington scores. 
Are you a jazz musician in the Cambridge area, or anywhere in East Anglia, or within travel distance? check out his Harmony in Harlem page

Tarogato - Hungarian maker thereof.